Best Mattress For Heavy People: Reviews&Tips

If you’re a heavy person and you’ve been having trouble with your current mattress, then this is the article for you.

We’ll be going over some of the more popular options from our partner companies including Saatva, GhostBed, Puffy, and Helix.

Best Mattress For Heavy People 2021

1. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress comes in three different layers. The first layer is 3 inches of Quilted Gel Visco Elastic Memory Foam, which provides cooling properties and creates the nice bounce-back feel that memory foam is known for.

Next is a 7-inch layer of Polyurethane Support Foam that provides stress relief and evenly distributes your weight across the mattress. Finally, there’s a 2-inch layer of High-Density Support Foam at the bottom which works to provide long-term durability for this mattress.


  • Individually wrapped coils, which ensures that they won’t interfere with each other. This reduces motion transfer considerably on this mattress, so if you sleep with a partner there’s less likely to be an issue.
  • The first layer of memory foam on top creates a nice bounce-back feel, providing a great response for the sleeper.
  • The quilted cover gives it some stretch and makes it easier to go around corners when setting up your bed.
  • Free White Glove Delivery makes getting your new mattress hassle-free by letting them set it up for you. Simply take off your old one, or have them haul away your old one depending on what you need to be done.
  • Nectar is also available in multiple firmness options including medium (5-6/10 on the firmness scale), plush (7-7.5/ 10 ), and luxury firm (8-8.5/ 10 ).


  • There’s a bit of the smell that accompanies the new mattress, but this goes very quickly. Once it airs out it shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

2. Saatva HD

The Saatva HD Firm is another popular mattress when it comes to being a great fit for heavier people. The top layer of this mattress uses the company’s Tencel infused foam, which provides both breathability and softness. This helps to make sure you aren’t too warm while sleeping on it.

This layer is sewn right onto 4 inches of Transition Foam, which creates an airflow pocket around your body that keeps things cool throughout the night.

On top of that are 6 inches of HD Polyurethane Support Foam which act as the foundation for the rest of the mattress and provide durability over time.


  • The transition foam works quickly to adapt to different kinds of pressure points, providing great pressure relief no matter what kind of sleeper you are.
  • This mattress has one of the best cooling processes in place that we’ve seen on any memory foam mattress, which is great for anyone that tends to sleep hot.
  • The firmer version of this mattress maintains its shape well throughout the night, making sure you aren’t sinking into an uncomfortable area.


  • While Saatva offers a trial period with their mattresses, there can be an extra fee if you want to return it after the 120 day period expires. This isn’t exactly common among other companies that offer a sleep trial period so keep that in mind when giving them your business.

3. GhostBed Flex

The GhostBed Flex is designed to provide relief for heavier people. The top layer of this mattress uses 2 inches of Avena foam which absorbs heat and provides pressure relief to your body so you feel great during the night.

On top of that, there are 3 inches of gel memory foam, which works with the Avena below it to ensure good airflow throughout the mattress so you aren’t too warm while sleeping on it. Finally, at the bottom, there are 7 inches of support foam that provides long-term durability over time.


  • This mattress has a medium-level firmness, making it more forgiving than some other options on the market but still offers enough support for most heavy adults. This means they won’t sink through as much as some other options.
  • The Avena foam on top of the mattress absorbs heat and provides great pressure relief, especially if you sleep on your side or stomach.


  • Some people find that this mattress has a relatively slow response compared to others, which can be an issue for those who tend to change positions throughout the night often.

4. Helix Plus

The Helix Plus is a customizable mattress that can be designed to fit any kind of sleeper, but heavy people will find it especially beneficial.

The top layer on this mattress uses something called IntelliGel, which is essentially gel memory foam that responds quickly to your body and provides good weight distribution as you move throughout the night. This layer also acts as an airflow system so you don’t get too hot while sleeping on it, ensuring good temperature regulation.

On top, there are 2 inches of polyfoam, which provides comfort and relieves pressure points with its softness. Below that there are 5 inches of high-density steel support foam which provides strength and durability over time with its thickness.

Finally, at the bottom, there’s a layer of edge support foam so the mattress doesn’t sag while you’re sleeping on it.


  • The Helix Plus is one of the most customizable mattresses on the market, giving you complete control over what kind of feel you want to have when using it. You can even change this while your warranty is still in effect just by contacting their customer service department.
  • This mattress provides great airflow throughout, keeping things cool no matter how hot you are naturally or tend to get while you sleep. Even if there’s someone else that sleeps hot with you, they should be fine on this mattress because of that reason.


  • While many people find this mattress comfortable enough for all kinds of different sleeping positions, some buyers have found that it is a little too soft for their liking. If you’re a side sleeper or have a lot of weight, this may not be the best pick for you because it tends to sink in a little more than some other options on the market.

5. Big Fig 

The Big Fig is designed to be the perfect mattress for all kinds of sleepers, including heavier people. The top layer uses 2 inches of gel memory foam which helps with relieving pressure points and keeping things cool while you cozy up on it.

On top, there are 3 inches of polyfoam, which offers great breathability since it’s made from a cooling fabric that allows air to circulate while you’re sleeping. At 8 inches, this mattress provides plenty of support and keeps your spine in alignment no matter what kind of position you like to sleep in at night.


  • The Big Fig has built-in handles that make it easy for anyone to move around when cleaning or changing their sheets without hurting your back too much. That means you don’t have to get a maid every time you need to make your sheets.
  • This mattress is very breathable, so even if you tend to sleep hot, it won’t be uncomfortable while using this model. That means both of you will be happy no matter how much you perspire while sleeping on it.


  • One of the disadvantages of having a heavier mattress like the Big Fig is that it can sometimes sag when one person moves around too much in their sleep. This isn’t a big issue for some people, but others may find that they notice this after a while and it’s something to keep in mind before buying this product.

Which Mattress Thickness Is Best for Heavy Sleepers?

Heavy people tend to prefer thicker mattresses since they offer more support than thinner ones. The average mattress thickness these days is about 10 – 12 inches at the very least, so keep this in mind when shopping if you need something with a little more girth.

The best choice for heavy sleepers would be purchasing some kind of memory foam mattress that uses high-density foam that adds stability and prevents sinking no matter how much weight you put on it over time.

If you want some extra comfort without spending too much money, go for an all-foam mattress like the Big Fig or the Helix Plus because they’ll give your back some added pressure relief without breaking your budget.

What Is the Best Mattress For Side Sleepers?

Side sleepers tend to prefer a soft mattress that lets them sink in a little bit while they’re sleeping, but doesn’t let them hit the floor when they get up. This is because side sleepers usually put more weight on their shoulders and hips than other sleepers do, so you need something with enough cushioning to prevent you from getting sore after using it.

As far as brands go, Tempurpedic tends to make some of the best mattresses for people who like to sleep on their sides because its memory foam material molds perfectly to your body no matter how much pressure you’re putting on it.

The downside is that these models aren’t too good at conforming around the curves and contours of your back, which can mean they’re not the best choice for people with chronic back pain.

The Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers tend to like firmer mattresses that help keep their hips and shoulders in alignment while they rest on their stomachs all night long, but this isn’t always comfortable for heavier buyers.

Side sleepers usually get more plush options because putting too much pressure on your shoulder blades can cause them to feel sore after a few days of use, but you can go either way when shopping if you want something soft enough without making it impossible to find a great night’s sleep.

Which Mattress Features Are Important for Heavy Sleepers?

Since some brands make different features than others, you need to take a look at each one individually and see which ones stand out the most before deciding what’s best for your needs.

Here are some features that tend to be more important for heavy sleepers:

  • When buying a foam mattress like the Big Fig, it’s important to check how much cushioning it has in its base layer because this controls how well it responds when you put pressure on it. Foam mattresses with thicker bases are usually preferred by people who weigh 200lbs or more because they have enough stability without being too firm or uncomfortable where you’re sunk into them too far.
  • Memory foam mattresses are especially good for big buyers because of their high-density material, but other products like the Mammoth memory foam mattress use an open-cell design to give you just as much pressure relief without sinking too much.
  • If your mattress has coils or pocket springs, don’t be afraid of buying a thicker option to support your weight better. This is because most coil mattresses still offer some sinkage no matter how sturdy they are, so you’re better off going with something that’s already pretty thick if you want to avoid feeling like your bed is caving in underneath you after using it for a while.

Which Type of Mattress Is Best For Heavy People?

Just about any kind of mattress can work for heavy people as long as it offers enough support and tends to soften up over time.

Some brands make their beds extra hard when you first buy them in order to prevent sagging, which can make it uncomfortable for people who are bigger than average when they first start sleeping on them.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are a good choice because they tend to have both a plush mattress top and a firm foundation layer below that, so you can choose the one that feels softer or firmer depending on what you think you’ll need.


Innerspring mattresses are also a good choice, but they tend to get lumpy over time because their coils aren’t always the highest quality. If you know what kind of innerspring mattress you’re getting, then it can work out just fine for you as long as you’re willing to put up with some sagging and lack of support in this type of bed.


Latex mattresses are also a good choice because they tend to offer more support than most other types of foam, and they usually feel like you’re sleeping on top of your mattress instead of sinking into it.

If you decide to go with this type of product, make sure that the latex comes from a natural source so that there won’t be any harmful chemicals in it that can irritate your skin or leave you feeling uneasy after a few nights.

Some people believe that memory foam is the best mattress for a heavy sleeper because it conforms better around your body when pressure is applied, but latex tends to offer more support without being too hard or uncomfortable under normal circumstances. Both options have their benefits, so take some time to compare them and decide which one will work the best for your needs.


Airbeds are another good choice for people who weigh 200lbs or more because they tend to feel like a hybrid between foam and coil mattresses. This means that they’ll be softer than most innerspring beds but firmer than any of the memory foam models you can find, making them a great option for anyone who likes their bed to be as soft as possible without sinking too deeply into it.


Foam mattresses have a good amount of support because the material holds up well against wear and tear, but they tend to sink in more than airbeds or coil options. If you want a softer mattress that feels luxurious but still has enough structure to keep your body from sagging into it all night, then going with a foam model is probably the best bet for you.

The Ideal Sleeping Environment for Heavier Sleepers

If you’re a bigger person, then your ideal sleeping environment will be up to 200 lbs. If you’re not sure whether or not your body is putting enough pressure on the mattress to make it soften over time, then choose something that’s at least 10 inches thick and go from there. Just because you might start off with one type of bed doesn’t mean that it’ll feel good for the entire time you use it.

Some mattresses get softer over time while others stay relatively firm, so look around for anything in between if you want to avoid sinking into your bed too much after a few months of settling in.

The most important thing to remember when buying a new mattress if you have this problem is to keep yourself informed about what types of beds tend to be the best for heavier people and what will happen over time as you sleep on your new bed.

You might start out with a firm 12-inch foam mattress that feels good, but after six months it could feel too soft and lose any support it once had. It’s always smart to look around for reviews before buying anything so that you can find something else without having to go through this problem again.

Additional Accessoires


Pillows are another thing that people often forget about, but they can make a huge difference in how something feels against your skin.

If you want to help keep the pressure off of your joints while keeping yourself comfortable during sleep, then choose pillows that are at least 2 inches thick and made from 100 percent cotton filling.

This is the best option for anyone who wants to have some support without causing additional hip pain when they wake up in the morning.

Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers can be a great way to make your bed feel more comfortable without buying an entirely new mattress.

If you’ve been suffering from discomfort for a while because your bed is too soft, then adding one of these products will give you the extra boost that you need.

Just make sure that you don’t get anything higher than 4 inches thick or it might end up becoming harder to move around on instead of softer.

Bed Platforms, Foundations, and Box Springs

If you have a metal bed frame, then don’t even think about putting any type of mattress on top of it because it will cause a lot of pressure on your joints and might end up giving you more trouble than it’s worth.

The same goes for a bed in a box spring that is too old or saggy to provide any support for your new bed. If either one is in bad shape, then you need to replace them with a solid foundation before buying anything else.

This might not be the cheapest option, but it will help keep your bed from becoming worn out over time so that your purchase lasts as long as possible without needing replacement.

Sleeping Pads

A sleeping pad can be an ideal way to add some extra padding between yourself and the bed, especially if your mattress already has a tendency to sink in too much.

These are also great for camping if you want to make sure that you have something comfortable between you and the ground while at the same time keeping yourself off of cold surfaces that will cause aches and pains.

You just need to be careful not to get anything that’s too soft because it might end up being worse than nothing at all.

What Should Heavy People Consider When Looking For A Mattress?

If you’re a heavier person, then there are many different things that you need to consider when looking for a new mattress. These include size, firmness of the bed, and any special features that might be available with certain types of beds.

For example, some products offer temperature control or enhanced cushioning if it feels too hard on your body.


The biggest thing to consider above all else is the durability of the bed. If you’re a larger person, then it’s not uncommon for your body weight to be more than what your mattress can handle over time, so always check reviews before buying anything so that you don’t have to keep replacing beds.

Even if you don’t move around much in your sleep, if you toss and turn frequently or get up during the night it might lead to damage that could potentially cause the bed to break down over time.


Your bed should also fit easily in your room without having too much extra space on each side. Anything smaller than 60 inches by 80 inches will probably not provide enough room for two people unless they’re very small or like sleeping close together.

If your bed isn’t the right size, then you should look for something that is or find a room where you can move your bed into that would fit it properly if need be.


If you’re a larger person, then you should find a bed that offers firmer support to help keep your body from getting sunken down into the surface of the mattress. This can be hard to find if you’re on a budget because it often comes with higher price tags, but it might end up being worth it if it can prevent problems from occurring as early as possible.

Even if you don’t have major issues yet, this type of bed will also be easier to get in and out of since most people tend to sink down at least a little bit when first laying down on a soft mattress.


Aside from the type of bed that you want, your next biggest concern is going to be the thickness of it. Most brands make these options in even numbers such as 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches.

The most ideal option for a heavier person is going to be a mattress with a thicker core since this will help distribute weight more evenly across the entire surface.

If you’re shorter than 5’6″ then anything over 6 inches should feel comfortable without causing too much pressure on your joints while still providing enough support during the night.


The height of your bed should also match up with other furniture in your room so that it doesn’t look out of place or cause other pieces to become higher than they should be.

A bed that is too low can cause you to constantly be hitting your head on the top of the frame or leave you struggling to pull yourself up off of it without hurting yourself.

A bed that’s too high can also force you to strain your back and neck while trying to move throughout the night, so make sure that it lines up with other furniture if possible so that there aren’t any major issues in this area.

Edge Support

If you sleep with a partner or are planning to make this purchase for yourself, then you will also want to take into account how well the mattress supports people who sit near the edge. This is especially important if there’s someone much larger than you sleeping in your bed since their weight can potentially cause straining across the entire surface of the mattress.

If it doesn’t provide enough support, then this could lead to an uncomfortable experience along with potential problems arising down the line.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of any given mattress should also be carefully considered by heavier individuals since they tend to weigh more than others do.

Most brands offer up these numbers so that consumers know what types of weights they can put on one side without having any issues occur as a result.

If you’re more than 100 pounds over the listed weight capacity of a mattress, then it’s probably not going to be ideal for your needs since this could lead to issues such as sagging and become uncomfortable during the night.

Mattress Firmness And Sleeping Position

Depending on your sleeping position and weight, you may also need a mattress that’s firmer or softer to provide enough support during the night.

For example, side sleepers tend to require something that’s not quite as firm since this can help keep their hips from sinking in too much which would cause back pain if it happened over an extended period of time.

In addition to things like body shape and sleep position, your personal preference for feeling while lying on a bed is going to be important as well.

Sleeping Partners And Their Sleeping Preferences

In most cases, you will want to purchase a bed that can fit both of your preferences if there’s more than one person sleeping on it.

For example, if someone is much larger than the other then an extra firm mattress might be ideal since this would help prevent them from sinking in too deeply and hurting their back. If someone else doesn’t weigh as much, then an average or softer mattress might work better.

Warranty And Return Policy

Lastly, you should also carefully consider the warranty and return policy of any given mattress before making your final decision since these are often the best indicators of how durable it is overtime.

Warranties typically last anywhere from 10-25 years which gives you an idea of how well its inner workings were constructed, plus the fact that most brands offer different levels of coverage depending on how much you paid for it. This includes the likes of accidental damage due to flipping over, sagging issues if your weight is too high, and so on.

Cooling Mattress

One of the most common problems with most mattresses is that they tend to get too hot during the night, so you’ll want to avoid this at all costs. If you have a latex mattress, then it will typically only heat up if your weight is high enough or there’s not enough ventilation around it for some reason.

Memory foam has also been known to accumulate heat over extended periods of time, but this doesn’t occur as much as it does with its inner springing system which can easily become overwhelmed by too much body heat.

The single best way to prevent this from happening is by making sure that you purchase something that fits well with your sleeping temperature preferences and allows for proper airflow around you while sleeping throughout the night.

What mattresses are best for heavyweight sleepers with back pain?

Even though people that are struggling with back pain are more likely to have a strong preference for soft mattresses, this is not always the case.

Be sure to ask yourself what kind of sleeping position makes them most comfortable as well since this will help direct you towards certain types of mattresses based on their firmness level.

The last thing you want is for your partner to be much higher than anything else which could lead to sagging and become uncomfortable over time.

What mattresses are best for heavyweight hot sleepers?

People that are especially heavy or prefer an average or even firm mattress may want to consider latex foam since it is the least likely out of all other types to retain body heat.

While memory foam can get too hot in certain cases, latex isn’t nearly as problematic in this way unless your weight is extremely high.

The one thing you’ll want to avoid at all costs is purchasing something made from polyurethane foam, otherwise known as “standard” memory foam which tends to accumulate heat over extended periods of time because of its inner springing system.

What mattresses are best for heavyweight sleepers who need great lumbar support?

In most cases, it’s a good idea to get a softer mattress if this is an area where people tend to experience problems that can cause them to sink lower into the mattress.

In contrast, latex foam is one of the only types that doesn’t give way under heavyweight and perfectly supports even your heaviest areas such as the hips and shoulders.

If you have a partner who weighs considerably more than yourself, then it’s also possible for you to purchase something softer while they get something firmer as a way to even things out.

Do mattresses have a weight limit?

Yes, most of them do. The difference between a soft and firm mattress is often the weight limit which isn’t always more than 500 pounds. However, some brands may support much higher weights up to 700 or even 800 pounds if their design can handle it without sagging over time.

Customer Reviews

The only way to really tell what’s right for you is to see what other people have experienced throughout the years. Even if none of them are exactly like you, it should give you a good idea of whether or not something will work out well based on your preferences and sleeping habits.

Customer reviews are also an important part of finding something that looks great on paper but might be terrible in reality because of how poorly made the materials were during the manufacturing process. This includes sagging problems over time, unevenness issues where some parts have sunken but others haven’t, and so forth.


If you’re on the hunt for one of the best mattresses for heavy people, then you’re going to have a bit more work to do. If your weight is extremely high or if you’ve had problems with back and shoulder pain in the past, then it’s important that you carefully consider all potential options.

Lying down and testing out a few different ones could give you a much better idea and help reduce any chances of regretting your purchase later on since there will be no return policy unless something isn’t made correctly during manufacturing.

The faster you can figure out what works best for your needs, the faster we’ll get to sleep!

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