Best Mattress For Children: Show Them You Care

Everyone loves their kids. They are the fruit of our lives, and we want them to have a peaceful sleep at night so that they can have a good mood for the whole day.

So get your kid the right mattress is important as it will be helpful in solving the problem of sleeplessness during nighttime. You can find a lot of companies that offer a variety of mattresses for kids.

Best Mattresses for Kids UK 2021


This mattress is a perfect fit for both kids and young teenagers.

It has a tough foam cover all over it, which not only makes it safe for kids but also provides the right firm level to support the sturdy frame underneath.


  • It is available in different sizes, which makes it fit for all kinds of beds.
  • It can be used for other purposes, too, like sitting, lounging, etc.
  • The material used in making this mattress is very strong and durable, which can last longer, up to five years or more.
  • The mattress comes at a low price, but the quality you get while buying these is better than any other expensive model.


  • There are not many cons to mention about this product as it has got positive reviews from customers who have bought it. However, a thing that buyers should keep in mind before buying these mattresses is that they should check the size carefully because if they don’t then, it will leak through the bed frame once placed on top.


This mattress is made with top-class materials and can be used for all kinds of mattresses.

It has a woolen cover which not only makes it safe for kids but also gives it a luxurious look that will add up to the appearance of your room.


  • This product comes in different sizes and shapes, so it’s easy to find a mattress that perfectly fits your kid’s bunk bed. That means there won’t be any need to buy a new mattress in the near future when your bed size changes.
  • You can also use it on different beds like sofa, floor, etc., which makes it even more affordable.


  • There are no negative points to mention about this product as it has got positive reviews from customers who have bought it.


Another perfect mattress for your kids comes with a dreamland castle on top of it that makes your kid’s bedding more interesting and attractive.


  • The price of this product is very low as compared to its quality
  • It can be used anywhere, like on the floor, on the sofa, etc., because it has got a cozy structure at the bottom. This means there won’t be any need to buy another mattress when you want to use it somewhere else.
  • There are many different sizes available in order to make fitting easier. So you don’t have to worry about changing the size of your kid’s bed anytime soon after buying this mattress.


  • No negative points as such, but the only thing that buyers should keep in mind is to check its size carefully as it may feel a bit smaller as compared to other mattresses.
  • The mattress doesn’t come with any warranty, which means you can’t claim a refund or replacement if something goes wrong with it.


This mattress is 100% British-made and has a lot of different features that will make your kid feel comfortable while sleeping.

It comes with a unique spring system that provides proper support to the body and also removes all kinds of bedding problems like back pain, neck ache, etc.


  • This mattress is available in different sizes which make it fit for all kind of mattresses.
  • It comes with a ten-year guarantee that shows how confident the company is about their product and also proves that they trust its quality.
  • It has got a perfect structure that makes it more comfortable for your kids.


  • This product is very expensive as compared to other available mattresses in the market, which some customers may not be able to afford easily.


If you are looking for the best kids mattress, then this is what you should be buying because it has got an impressive design that also makes it more comfortable.

This product is made of top-quality materials that make sure that your kid gets a peaceful sleep through the night.


  • It provides proper support to the body and removes all kinds of bedding problems like back pain, neck ache, etc.
  • The price of these mattresses is very low as compared to the features and material used in making them which make them one of the most affordable products available.
  • It can be easily fitted on any kind of bed, sofa, etc., which means there won’t be any need to buy another mattress if suddenly something happens to this one.


  • It can’t be used on some beds like a water bed, adjustable bases, etc. So buyers should check the product information carefully before buying it for their kid’s beds.

What Mattress Size is Right for a Child?

When you’re shopping for a mattress for your child, one of the most important factors to consider is size. You want to find a mattress that’s just right.

If it’s too small or too large, not only will your child have trouble falling asleep, but he or she may even start staying up later because the bed isn’t quite comfortable enough.

1) A twin mattress is usually best for children under 10 years old. It’s also good for children who are expected to share their beds with other siblings soon. The reason? It’s simply not practical to buy two twin mattresses, one for each child.

Overweight kids should be given this option as well since obese children can easily get stuck between thinner coils. You should also consider a twin mattress for sleepovers and during other times when your child needs to spend the night somewhere else.

2) A full-size mattress offers more room than a twin mattress, but not by much. It’s usually big enough for children ages 10 and up.

However, you should know that it may be too small if there are multiple children who will be sharing it or an overweight child sleeps on it regularly.

Also, keep in mind that most kids tend to go through growth spurts during their teen years, so sleeping on a full-size mattress this early on is probably unwise.

3) A queen-size mattress is the best option for older children and teens 12 and over who don’t like crowded spaces.

You can also use two of these mattresses if you have two children who need more space. If your child is on the heavier side, this may be the best choice for that reason alone.

4) A king-size mattress provides even more room than a queen-size mattress, which makes it ideal for larger kids or adults.

You can also use two of these mattresses if you have two children who are still sharing a bed with each other.

However, keep in mind that your children will most likely be sleeping separately by age 12, so this option is really only recommended for use with older teens and young adults.

What Type of Mattress Fits on Different Beds?

You can put any type of mattress onto any kind of bed frame, but some types are better suited to different styles. Here are some of your options:

I. A traditional coil mattress is a standard option for everyday use. It’s most compatible with a box spring foundation.

Most parents prefer this option because it’s versatile and durable. If you have young children, you may want to choose this one so that they can’t easily damage the mattress by jumping or roughhousing on it.

II. Pocket sprung mattress is another standard type of mattress that is often used with a box spring foundation.

However, many people don’t use them together anymore since there are more affordable options available today.

In fact, innerspring mattresses are commonly found paired with metal bed frames. They’re also suitable for waterbeds and adjustable base beds, but they’re not supposed to be used with thick pillowtop mattress pads.

III. Memory foam mattresses are popular because they are safe, affordable, and comfortable for kids. What makes them so great? They don’t have any springs that could pinch your child or make the bed uncomfortable.

Instead, they are made from layers of durable foam. These mattresses are usually lightweight, which means there won’t be any need to buy another mattress if suddenly something happens to this one. They can also contour easily to your child’s body shape without leaving any gaps in between the sheets.

IV. An airbed has most of the benefits of an innerspring mattress for kids with additional perks that come in handy during sleepovers at other people’s homes.

They’re great for sleepovers because they aren’t as bulky as other types of beds, making them easier to transport. They also come in different sizes and shapes so that you can get the perfect fit for any bed frame.

However, you should know that airbeds are not compatible with box spring mattresses or adjustable base beds.

V. A waterbed is an interesting type of bed that comes with its own set of benefits and detriments.

While it’s safe for children since there are no metal pocket springs, the mattress has a tendency to make noise when your child moves around on it during sleep.

Which Mattress Firmness is Best for Children?

It’s important to keep in mind that the most comfortable children’s mattress is not necessarily the same one that’s best for adults.

In fact, very soft or hard children’s mattresses can create problems when it comes to helping your kids get a good night’s sleep. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best mattress firmness:

  1. A soft mattress might be too squishy and cause back pain if they sleep on it every day. On the other hand, very hard mattresses can lead to joint problems and general discomfort in children who weigh more than 100 pounds.
  2. While you want your mattress to be firmer than what you’d find with adult mattresses, it should still be comfortable enough for your kid. For example, a 6-year-old should not be sleeping on the same mattress that you use.

A toddler should sleep on a mattress that is 3 to 6 inches thick. It’s also best to look for a crib with low sides, so they don’t roll over in their sleep.

Additional Sleep Accessories for Kids

Comfort for your child is the most important consideration when it comes to choosing a mattress.

However, you might also want to look at things like how portable the bed is, whether there are any additional accessories (such as fitted sheets or waterproofing), and what categories of materials were used in its construction.

  • Mattress pads and mattress protectors are often made from foam or memory foam, which helps improve their overall comfort level. They’re also moisture resistant since they’re typically covered with vinyl. If your child has frequent accidents during sleep, this can be especially helpful in preventing damage to the mattress.
  • Fitted sheets come in standard sizes that should ensure that they fit firmly around your child’s mattress without slipping off easily.

Are 3-zone spring mattresses good for kids?

This mattress offers you and your child a comfortable sleep thanks to the 3 zone structure: soft upper zone for enhanced comfort, firm lower zone for increased support, and medium middle zone for additional durability.

The Stompa S Flex Airflow Mattress is made from high-quality materials, such as waterproof fabric cover, non-woven inner side aluminium foil, and foam padding layers – this way, it’s really durable and safe! Thanks to its unique design, the Stompa S Flex Airflow Mattress offers great airflow under the sheets, which provides temperature balance during sleep.


We hope you have enjoyed our list of the best mattress for children. These kids’ mattresses are all great choices because they’re soft enough to provide comfort but firm enough to keep your child safe.

The first step in choosing the ideal bed is assessing how much your little one weighs. Make sure that your new mattress is thick enough that it won’t break even if they climb on top of it.

Don’t forget to check out other accessories (such as pads and fitted sheets) so you can make napping more comfortable for everyone!

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