Best Cooling Mattress: Sleep Cool, Stay Comfortable

 Have you ever experienced overheating while sleeping? Do you sweat a lot at night and find yourself waking up with damp sheets and clothes? Or do you wake up in the middle of the night feeling like your bed is on fire because your mattress is too warm for comfort?

If this sounds familiar, it might be time to invest in a cooling mattress. Sleep experts agree that cool sleeping surfaces are one of the best ways to get a good night’s rest and avoid disturbances due to heat and discomfort throughout the night. Because we spend about 1/3 of our lives asleep, having a healthy place to snooze should be a top priority.

Cooling mattresses can help keep both your body temperature down as well as moisture levels, allowing for fewer restless nights, tossing and turning, and annoying sweat spots.

Top 5 Best Cooling Mattresses Of 2021

1. Silentnight Eco Comfort Breathe Cooling Mattress

The Silentnight Eco Comfort Breathe is the number one bestseller in cooling mattresses on Amazon. It is described as being suitable for all seasons and features an open coil spring system that adjusts to your body weight, creating a customized sleeping experience every night.

With almost 600 reviews, this mattress contains 100% natural fillings with silica gel beads for improved airflow throughout the bed. It also has a breathable knitted cover designed to let air flow through more easily, which promises to keep you cool during hot summer nights or warm winter evenings.

The product comes with free UK mainland delivery, a 10-year warranty, and 15 years guarantee against manufacturing faults.


  • best rated model on amazon
  • over 500 reviews
  • promises to keep cool, even during the summer


  • most expensive mattress reviewed

 2. TheraPur ActiGel Plus Cooling Mattress

TheraPur is a British brand that has been around since 1999. In 2016, they introduced the ActiGel Plus cooling system, designed to keep sleepers cooler by fighting against overheating during the night.

This mattress uses gel beads similar to those in waterbeds and some high-end pillows, which help absorb excess heat from the inside of the bed while allowing airflow.

Additionally, it contains a memory foam layer with a micro quilt cover to provide additional pressure relief and perfect comfort layers for sensitive sleepers.

The Thera Pur mattress comes with free delivery within the UK mainland, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 5-year warranty.


  • the most innovative model reviewed


  • one of the most expensive mattresses reviewed
  • no free returns

3. Dormeo Fresh Deluxe Cooling Mattress

The Dormeo Fresh Deluxe Cooling Mattress is a luxury mattress with a 5cm ventilated airflow layer of memory foam, which promises to keep sleepers cool during the night and relieve pressure in all the right areas.

This gel-infused memory foam also has an open cell structure that promotes air circulation and prevents heat build-up. It uses natural soy milk extracts and bamboo charcoal in its cover for antibacterial protection and anti-odor properties, making it perfect for allergy-prone sleepers.

Additionally, this model has been certified by Öeko-Tex as being free from any harmful substances such as chemicals or toxins, so you can rest assured knowing you aren’t sleeping on nasty chemicals when using this product.

The Dormeo comes with a 10-year guarantee, free delivery in the UK mainland, and a 100-night sleep trial where you can return it for any reason.


  • the most luxurious model reviewed
  • certified by Öeko-Tex


  • one of the most expensive mattresses reviewed

4. John Lewis & Partners Natural Hemp Mattress

For the eco-conscious, the John Lewis & Partners Natural Hemp Mattress is an ideal solution. This mattress contains no chemical fire retardants or other harmful chemicals, so you can rest easy knowing that toxic materials haven’t negatively impacted your sleep.

It uses a high-density hemp core combined with natural wool batting to give it its firm yet comfortable feel, making it one of the more substantial mattresses reviewed.

As well as being 100% natural with low allergenic potential and anti-dustmite properties, this product promises to regulate body temperature and humidity levels while promoting circulation and airflow for a cooler night’s sleep.


  • the organic material used in construction
  • looks great


  • the most expensive model with no distinct advantages over competing products

 5. Millbrook Wool Luxury Cooling Mattress

The Millbrook Wool Luxury Cooling Mattress is an all-natural mattress made with a combination of wool, silk, and cashmere to make it ultra-luxurious. This cover has been infused with silicone gel beads that help move heat away from sleepers during the night for maximum comfort.

Additionally, this product uses 100% natural rubber latex to provide even more pressure relief while you’re sleeping without sacrificing edge support, perfect for couples who like to cuddle up together.

The mattress also has an antibacterial treatment in its quilted cover so it won’t attract dust mites or bedbugs, making it safe for use by allergy sufferers as well as being eco-friendly.


  • luxurious look and feel
  • most comfortable option reviewed


  • expensive relative to other mattress options

What is a Cooling Mattress?

A cooling mattress is exactly what it sounds like- a mattress that stays cool while you sleep. These mattresses are typically designed to disperse heat evenly throughout the night by using odor-resistant, breathable materials in their construction. This allows for better airflow around your body, so you won’t feel hot or sweaty while sleeping.

Depending on the type of material used in these products, they can also be hypoallergenic and suitable for allergy sufferers who want to reduce the chance of irritation from allergies.

Another positive aspect of these products is their ability to ease pressure points on both sides of the body, resulting in a more restful sleep overall with less tossing and turning at night.

Cooling Mattress Options

There are several options when it comes to cool mattresses depending on your budget and preference:

  1. A traditional mattress pad featuring an ultra-thin layer of gel memory foam which, depending on the model, can be placed below a fitted sheet or between two flat sheets. This mattress type of cooling mattress pad is affordable and easy to use. These pads are not designed for adjustable bases or platform beds.
  2. For the ultimate in luxury cooling comfort, an infused cooling mattress topper encased in a bamboo mattress cover will provide maximum cool sleep while you snooze sans sweat spots and night sweats. Mattress toppers feature a thin layer of gel memory foam infused with microbeads that work together with “smart fabric” technology to keep you cool throughout the night.
  3. Although this type of cooling bedding system is expensive, it features all-natural materials, including organic cotton cover for breathability as well as wool or silk to keep you comfortable. This type of cooling mattress will assure the utmost quality sleep during hot, balmy nights.

Cooling Mattress Sizes

There are four main sizes for cooling mattresses:

  • Twin (39 “x 75”) is the smallest and most compact size, designed to fit snugly into a bunk bed, daybed, or trundle bed. It’s also ideal as an extra cot for sleepovers with friends or even as a pet dosser.
  • Twin XL (39 “x 80”)- this size is designed to fit on most bunk and trundle beds as well as smaller twin beds.
  • Full (54 “x 75”)- the full-sized cooling mattress is usually the first choice for those who want to upgrade from their traditional mattress at home but don’t have enough space for king-size bedding. These products will be more than ample room for one sleeper and can keep two people comfortable if they don’t mind sharing their own private sleeping space all night long!
  • Queen (60 “x 80”) is the most popular size for cooling mattress options. With enough room to accommodate a generous single sleeper as well as a small cuddle partner, queen-sized cooling mattresses are often purchased by those who have the extra space in their bedrooms and want to get rid of that old-fashioned coil spring affair.

What to Look for in a Mattress?

With so many options and variations on the market, choosing a mattress that suits your needs can be overwhelming.

  • The first thing to consider is what type of mattress you want- some cooling mattresses are pads or pillow tops while others are designed as standalone mattresses; many offer specialty options like memory foam and adjustable bases and suitability for those with allergies.
  • Next, think about your preferred sleeping position; every mattress design has different firmness and feels depending on whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side.
  • It would help if you also considered how much money you want to spend- more expensive cooling bedding systems tend to deliver better sleep quality and comfort than lower-cost models.
  • While there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” in the mattress market, a cooling bedding system might be a good alternative to traditional inner-spring mattresses.

The Cooling Ability of Different Types of Mattresses

Air Mattress

There’s no question that air mattresses are the coolest kind of mattress available. These products consist of a plush fabric hold by an inflatable metal frame, giving you the luxury of having your own custom-sized bed whenever and wherever you want.

However, air mattresses don’t provide any support or cushioning, so they aren’t suitable for everyone to sleep on. They also take up more space than other types of mattresses.

Hybrid Mattress

The main benefit of this type of mattress is that it consists of both innerspring coils (for support) and memory foam (for cooling and pressure point relief).

These mattresses tend to be pricey, but they deliver high-quality sleep.

Innerspring Mattresses

There’s no such thing as an “ideal” innerspring mattress- these products vary from brand to brand and models within those mattress brands.

The best choice for you will depend on your personal preferences regarding firmness level, feel, and price. In general, the better the quality of the construction, the longer it will last (so buying a cheap innerspring mattress isn’t recommended), and the more comfortable it will be for you to use over time.

Pocket sprung mattresses can range from very firm to extremely soft; nevertheless, most people find them fairly cool since they feature foam encasement around the pocket springs and padding on the top.

Cradle Mattress

This type of mattress is firm and supportive similar to an innerspring mattress, but it features a higher degree of the curve designed for those who experience back pain.

Cradle mattresses are cumbersome, so they aren’t suitable for all types of bed frames or platforms.

Foam Mattress

Memory foam is the main material used to make foam mattresses, and they tend to be very firm.

Although the amount of “sinking” you experience in a memory foam mattress will depend on your weight, these products are known for their ability to provide excellent support while also utilizing pressure point relief.

Some people find memory foam mattresses too hot or uncomfortable, but most users agree that they feel supportive yet soft.

Water Mattress

As the name implies, this type of mattress features some degree of water-based technology embedded within its design.

While it’s not totally clear how these models work, many users report feeling cool when they sleep on them.

Unfortunately, water beds are less durable than other types of mattresses, so they’re usually more expensive.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are a better choice for those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface.

They’re also cooler than memory foam, and they resist allergens, so this type of mattress is considered ideal for people with allergies.

The Ideal Sleeping Environment for Hot Sleepers

To have a cooler sleeping environment, you should consider making your bedroom as airy and open as possible. This means removing anything from the room that could obstruct airflows, such as extra furniture or clutter.

It would help if you also kept your door closed so that there’s no airflow coming from outside of your room (or vice versa).

If you live in a sweltering place year-round, it might be best for you to sleep in another room like a basement den with good ventilation.

However, if this isn’t an option for you, make sure you close all air vents at night before going to bed; turn off any fans or air conditioning units (especially those placed on walls) unless they’re directly pointed toward your body; use light bedding like sheets and blankets, and keep your bedroom door shut tightly.


The best sheets are made of organic cotton or silk; the worst sheets are made of cheap, low-quality synthetic materials.

Search for sheets with a thread count somewhere around 200 to 300 and avoid anything with a thread count below 180.

It’s also a good idea to sleep on top of a thin sheet rather than directly onto your mattress because this will allow air to circulate underneath you, so you don’t overheat while you’re sleeping.


Basically the same as sheets, except it’s even more important that your pillows are made of breathable material because we spend so much time with our faces pressed down against them.

Search for a pillow top with a thread count of at least 200 and isn’t stuffed with synthetic materials like polyester or polyurethane foam. Instead, choose something like cotton or memory foam that will conform to your head but keep you from getting too hot at night.

Memory foam is also known for its pressure relieving properties which can help relieve neck and shoulder pain caused by sleeping in one position.

If you have allergies, look for something hypoallergenic instead, such as a gel fiber pillow rather than a feather-filled pillow since this will cause less irritation to your air passages.


Like sheets, the best blankets are made of organic material, while the worst blankets are made of synthetic materials. Again, search for something with a thread count of 200 or higher and definitely avoid anything below 180.

Also, keep in mind that blankets aren’t just there for warmth- they can also be used as a deterrent against getting too hot at night, which is why you don’t want to have one that’s too thick or heavy.

If you feel sweaty during the night, try using a light blanket instead since this will allow more airflow around your body so you don’t overheat. In extreme cases, if your bedroom gets very hot at night, it may be helpful to sleep without a blanket at all.

Mattress pads

Same as with sheets and blankets, the best mattress pads are made of organic cotton and silk, while the worst are made out of cheap synthetic materials. Look for a pad with a thread count of 200 or more and avoid anything below 180 unless you want to wake up covered in sweat.

You can also try using a cooling gel mat designed to keep your body from overheating when you sleep. These come in various shapes, such as pillows, mats, and full-body wraps, so there’s bound to be something that will fit under your sheet comfortably.

If you’re prone to night sweats or live somewhere hot, having a mattress pad underneath your regular bed sheets is a good idea because it’s made from special materials that wick away heat, keeping you from getting too hot at night.

Mattress Toppers

Like mattress pads, the best mattress toppers are made out of organic materials, while the worst ones are made out of synthetic materials. Also, look for anything with a thread count of 200 or higher and avoid anything below 180 if you want something sturdy enough to last several years without wearing it down.

  • A good memory foam mattress top is also a good option because it will fit your body perfectly while keeping you cool at night. While they tend to be more expensive than regular bed pillows, memory foam is definitely worth the investment if you have trouble sleeping in hot weather or suffer from frequent night sweats.
  • This kind of material is also known for its pressure relieving properties which can help reduce pain caused by sleeping in one position for an extended period of time.
  • If you’re looking for a good mattress topper but don’t want to shell out the money, try using a special cooling gel pad instead, which will also help keep your body from overheating as you sleep.
  • Keep in mind that there are several different types of these pads, so shop around until you find one that looks comfortable and fits under your sheet the way you like it. These pads come in various shapes, such as pillows, mats, and full-body wraps, so take your pick!
  • Consider getting one if you frequently suffer from night sweats because it’s made with materials that wick away heat, keeping you cool at night without having to change position or flip over onto cold sheets constantly.

What is the Best Temperature for Sleep?

According to one study, most people’s best sleeping room temperature is between 16-18°C (60-65°F). Even though this may seem cold (or even too warm), it’s actually an optimal level for getting deep sleep.

If you feel chilly when you first go to bed, try using a thicker sheet or blanket; if you’re hot at night, use sheets and blankets that are thinner instead.

Heat Loss During Sleep

Your body naturally cools down as you fall asleep because of convection heat loss which occurs when moving air strikes your skin and causes your body temperature to drop.

  1. You can stay cool during sleep by wearing loose-fitting clothes made from breathable fabric like cotton; avoid wearing anything that traps heat, such as sweatpants or sweaters.
  2. Keeping a fan on during the night may help you sleep cooler since it can provide a gentle breeze that makes your body temperature drop. However, if you have a condition like epilepsy or another serious medical condition, this may not be an option due to the risk of seizure from strobe light stimulation. In this case, try using thicker bedding and/or a cooling gel mattress pad or mat that will keep your warm blood from rushing to the surface of your skin when you get into bed.
  3. In addition to wearing breathable clothes and sleeping near a fan to prevent body heat loss, avoid eating spicy and greasy foods before going to bed since they can make you feel warmer; drink plenty of water; and take cool showers or baths before bedtime.

If you still have trouble sleeping at night despite following these tips, get up and take a short walk outside to cool down for a few minutes.

This will increase your heart rate, but it won’t give you the jitters as caffeine would. With these simple steps, you should sleep in comfort no matter how hot it gets during the night.

How can you cool down a mattress?

Mattresses can be difficult to keep cool while you sleep because they are packed with a lot of material.

  • The best way to make a mattress more comfortable in the summer is to get an air conditioner for your bedroom and set it on low or medium power throughout the night. This will not only keep you from getting too hot but also help control humidity levels so that they don’t drop suddenly, which can reduce comfort even if you’re kept nice and cool by your bedding.
  • If this is not an option, try cutting up pieces of sponges and putting them inside your pillow and mattress before you lie down at night so that they’ll soak up any excess moisture in the air when it’s hot outside.
  • You can also use wet washcloths or towels to cool your head and feet when you get into bed at night.

If these methods don’t make you comfortable enough, try placing ice packs under your pillow, sheet, mattress pad, or comforter; using a thin cotton sheet between you and your cooling pad; putting fans in front of windows with blinds that will keep the room dark when they’re closed during the day.

What is Hypoallergenic Mattress?

A hypoallergenic mattress offers more comfort by being completely sealed off from dust mites which are tiny insects known to cause allergic reactions in many people. A good way to achieve this result is to use zip-off covers on either your mattress or bed in a box spring; wash these often so that the mattress will remain free of allergens.

You can also get a chemical dust mite spray that will kill any insects still living inside your mattress, so they won’t be able to attack you when you sleep.

If none of these methods work to make you more comfortable, it may be time for an upgrade; highly rated cooling mattresses are designed with special materials and features like memory foam or gel-infused foams, which provide superior comfort even when temperatures rise outside.

Look online to find one that works well and fits into your budget since there’s no reason to stay hot and miserable at night when better nights are ahead!

Can your mattress cause night sweat?

Night sweats are a common complaint from those who have trouble sleeping, and high temperatures often bring them on.

If you’re getting out of the shower only to find that your sheets are soaked through with sweat, your mattress likely is to blame for making you feel uncomfortable at night.

Try choosing a memory foam or gel-infused cooling mattress pad if this happens every night so you can sleep more comfortably and avoid waking up drenched in perspiration.

Best Cooling Mattresses For Hot Sleepers

If you wake up in a bed of sweat every morning, the first step to find a mattress that will keep you from overheating is to keep your bedroom as cool as possible by using an air conditioner or a good fan.

If this doesn’t work and you feel like you can’t breathe well at night, try removing some of the bedding on top of your mattress, so there’s less material between you and the cold air blowing around outside.

If neither of these options is available, you may need to invest in a cooling mattress pad that will keep your body at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

These special bedding products have materials that wick away sweat and can remain chilled even when your room is hot outside. Pick one that fits into your budget and matches your bedroom decor, so it looks nice next to your regular sheets and comforter.

Can I use ice packs for my feet on my mattress?

A very effective way of making yourself feel more comfortable is to place ice packs on top of or underneath areas where you tend to sweat most during sleep: your head, shoulders, back, and feet.

This will help reduce swelling as well as lower body temperature quickly. If you’re taking a nap during the day, try using an ice pack for your feet to get rid of that uncomfortable feeling of sweaty socks while you sleep.

Cooling Mattress Reviews

In addition to our best-rated mattress picks on this site, we have looked at the individual reviews from customers that agree that these are some of the top-rated cooling options available today.

Keep in mind that choosing a cool memory foam mattress pad will be more affordable than going with any cooling mattress system (even if you go “cheap” with an inexpensive product) and provides better sleep comfort overall than purchasing an uncomfortable set due to its superior construction.

However, when considering mattress toppers, it will depend on your budget and what you are looking for in terms of the product.


Night sweats are the most common problems faced by people who don’t like to sleep warm.

A mattress can play a big role in how hot you feel at night, so if you need something cooler on your bed, check out the cooling mattresses available online.

You’ll find some great options for more comfortable sleeping with extra padding that will help regulate body temperature even on the hottest of nights.

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